How To Design A Home Bar

Home is the best place to relax and rest after a busy and tiring day. We can come back to our family, watch a movie together, spend time in the swimming pool or maybe have a sip of your favourite drink! We all desire to have our home well equipped with everything and anything that could well within our reach. Having a Home Bar can make your home look lovely and you would have to have your drink at home instead of going out just for a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. With being relaxed at home, also comes the fun you can have with your friends just by being at home and a home bar would attract anyone for a fun night, and you don’t have to travel for it all the way.

Home Bar is the best of sources of enjoyment with your family and friends. There is no limit or the number of drinks you can have as long as you have the stock loaded. Before you think of all the fun and frolic you could have, you also need to think of designing of the bar, how you want it.

Here are a few tips for you on how to Design a Home Bar

Know its Functions- We all think of the fun we could have if we have a bar in the home but it’s necessary to know how it functions. A bar may not be used on daily basis so make sure when you start drafting your bar, you keep that in mind that a home bar may also serve you in many other ways and not just merely a bar. Understand your drinking habits and then start accordingly.

Location- It’s the most important aspect while you plan to have a home bar. We should have in mind that a home bar has its purpose and needs to serve you the best of it. Plan your bar where your family and friends can enjoy without getting into your personal space. If you have children, then it becomes more challenging for you to find a perfect space for a bar. People usually plan their bar in the kitchen, basements. Make sure when you plan a bar you have all the requirements covered such as power resources, plumbing and space availability.

How To Design A Home Bar

Draft the Plan- Always have an idea of how you want your bar to look like and then start the draft and planning. Take look at the space you have for the bar, determine the size and the design that suits. Look for designs in magazines or online. Alternatively, you could always go out and look for inspirations based on places you have been. You might go to an event in Melbourne with a bar hire set up in the middle of the event, for example. Take note of the decorations they use; the design of the chair, the bar top. What materials are used? What colours?

Budget- With planning comes the budget, you should know the approximate costing for the deigning of a bar and then if it’s small, then keep it simple and if you are planning a larger one then add something interesting. The design of the bar depends on the budget you are ready to spend!

Tones and Textures- A bar should look lively and attract people. Decide on whether you want a wooden work or tiles. Decide on the tones you would like to go with according to the work frame, it could be contrasting colours or can have subtle tones. Take inspiration from bars, eateries, or even events with bars that you have been to (some places like these function rooms in Melbourne CBD, rent out bars for hire to the event organisers).

Others- A bar needs equipment, decide on the furniture you want to place, like seating! What kind of seating can go along with the design of the bar? You should also plan space of the storage of the stock! Then to liven up your bar add some lights to it, some good music can make the mood. Have some amazing collection of glasses that can make a mark! Have some decorations of your own.

Follow these simple and yet effective steps to plan your home bar and you’d love to have one. They can give you the enjoyment you are looking for!

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