When To Do Plumbing Inspection

Generally, how often you conduct plumbing inspections depends on your occupancy status. You should invest in plumbing inspections before acquiring a home. Normally, it might be hard to see plumbing faults without proper inspects. It might lead to high maintenance costs when there is a corroded or blocked drain in hard-to-fix areas like walls and floors. So,  if you need to see more faults during plumbing inspections, ask the expert to allow taps to run for a long time. However, let’s share other factors that determine when you need plumbing inspection services.

Plumbing Inspections before Buying a Home

Do you need a home that comes without the need for any renovation, or an inspection to evaluate the cost of repairs? Smart realtors ask potential homebuyers to conduct inspections even before making a down payment. The listed property might have low water pressure, old drainage systems, or water supply lines that need to be replaced. Usually, inexperienced homebuyers hire a blocked drain specialist to provide estimates on repairs. This full plumbing inspection service helps the would-be homeowners to negotiate a discount with sellers of their new homes.

What Should The Plumbing Inspector Check?

All the new home’s plumbing system should be inspected for leaks, moulds, limescale, rust, low water pressure, and broken parts. The inspection of water-using appliances includes flush systems, water heater, showerheads, pipes, faucets, faulty valves, sewer lines, tubs, and dishwasher.

Apart from providing cost estimates, plumbing inspection indicates the status of the fixtures and system. While water leaks might trigger a low water pressure, running toilets will increase your water bill. Crawling insect can invade your kitchen when kitchen sinks, vents, and wastewater connectors are broken. There are negative impacts that come with ignoring plumbing checks before moving into a new home. Usually, plumbing inspectors check for code violations, blockages, and old pipes.

Septic System

Plumbing inspectors use sewer cameras to check for tree root infestation or obstructions. It’s important to see that every aspect of underground drainage channels is in order before buying a new home.  Also, the drainage speed of your kitchen sinks, toilet, and shower pipes determine the level of wastewater in the septic tank. When the underground tank is full, hot vapour from standing water can push offensive odours into your home. Contaminated air often has bad quality, and can increase the level of poor hygiene and health hazards. Some property uses municipal sewer systems, but a thorough inspection will provide recommendations if the pipes need to be replaced before moving into the home, and an engineering consultation after will let you know what to do next.

Water Heaters

A regular water heater appliance has a lifespan of between 10-15 years. Different models of water heaters (tanked, tankless, or hybrid) should be inspected annually. There might not be a need for maintenance within the first few years if you are buying a home with premium quality water heater. Additionally, surfaces of water heater lines with signs of corrosion indicate leakages.

Bathrooms and Toilets

During inspections, you might hear squealing noises from pressure valves in plumbing systems. Plumbers need to inspect fittings and equipment that use water. Defective shower-heads, faucet control knobs, tubs, and toilet pipes can cause flood without warning. It might be expensive to replace plumbing fixtures, especially if the establishment is as massive as the Melbourne stadium, but check manufacturer guidelines for bathroom and toilet fixtures on how you can improve their lifespan.

Weather changes, especially during winter, can affect the performance of the household’s plumbing systems. When you have settled into a new home, install a central shut-off valve that controls the water supply. Most times, homeowners prevent expensive water damage with central shutoff valves when there are uncontrollable leaks.

Other Procedures Include:

Test toilets for leaks

During the review, we’ll also test all toilets in the house so as to identify leaks or excessive running. Leaking toilets are among the most common plumbing problems at the house, often brought on by exhausted or old flappers.

For the most part, they are normally quite simple to fix, but you must always consult with a certified plumber for all these repairs.

Test drains

Weird gurgling, slow emptying, or a pungent smell coming out of your drains?

It does not matter if the property in question is a residential property or a bigger property as big as the Melbourne city conference centre; it is essential to maintain clean and healthy drains in your property. Anything less may lead to bursts, flood, backflow, or leaks.

We are going to examine your drains for flow, and when necessary use our drain cameras to ascertain the possible cause of a blockage. We will also inspect drains for signs of damage and counsel you on replacement or repair.

Check hot water unit

A house’s hot water unit or tank is used in most homes for storing hot water for domestic usage. Think beautiful warm showers or powerful washing in the laundry room. It is safe to say that a hot water unit is an essential component of a house.

Illegal or improper installation can lead to disaster. This case study tells (and shows check out the photos!) How prohibited hot water installation can result in a comprehensive calamity. 

Regardless of whether your house has a gas, electric, or sustainable hot water system using renewable energy sources, we will conduct the appropriate tests to make sure there is no risk or damage to your device.

Dealing with water units could be harmful. Never try to diagnose a problem yourself; leave it to the pros.

What occurs after the home plumbing inspection?

Once the inspection is complete, we will supply you a report which includes what was scrutinised and tested, any hazards which were identified, and tips to remove these plumbing risks. We can also provide you with a quote to fix any identified risks!

A home plumbing inspection from a certified plumber in Melbourne provides complete reassurance your plumbing is all up to standard, not posing any risks, and not squandering you any money!

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