construction trends for 2019

Three construction trends for 2019

Builders and contractors wish to keep up with the latest construction industry trends so they can stay ahead of the competition.

Construction management applications have steadily improved during the last few decades, and lots of affordable packages are now available that package together software for estimating and bidding, project management, change orders, scheduling, human resources, billing, bookkeeping and much more. 2019 will see more substantial and smaller companies using cheap integrated software solutions.

Continuing into 2019 will be among the latest trends of recent years: using drones. Drones equipped with cameras and other electronic equipment can get remote locations, collect information, complete security inspections, capture job progress and much more. Surveyors use them to make 3d mapping or graphics that later may be used to map an area. You may expect rules on the use of drones to start being clearer as the FFA begins to refine regulations.

With prices of quality drones decreasing, use will expand in 2019.

Green Design and Construction Technology

Additionally continuing into 2019 is the tendency toward green design and engineering in construction. Every construction project is anticipated to increase their involvement through green design planning towards the LEED certification. This trend, which began a few years ago, will continue to rise in 2019. The basis of green design and construction is the attempt to make resource-efficient and environmentally responsible construction projects. It has every aspect of development, such as design and planning, demolition, and cleanup.

With 20 per cent of global emissions directly attributable to the construction sector, green building practices can go a long way toward encouraging, as opposed to harming, the environment, particularly at a time when aging structures create a new structure so critical.

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